We at Incendie Inc only use the best quality diamonds. We only sell GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certified diamonds. Even though GIA Certified diamonds are the most accurately gradded diamonds, there are many things that are not represented on the certificate. Luster, the luster of a diamond is how crisp the diamond material is. We grade luster as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Slightly Milky, Medium Milky, and Heavy Milky. We only sell diamonds with Excellent Luster.

Tinge, diamond tinge is the undertone hue in a diamond. The most common and acceptable undertone hue in a diamond is yellow and is considered No Tinge, which is never noted in a certificate. Other Hues or Undertones exist such as the following: Brown, Green, and Gray, all of which are unacceptable to Incendie Inc’s standards, no matter how faint the tinge is. Diamonds with a Brown, Green, or Gray tinge will darken the appearance of the diamond. If the tinge is not saturated enough it will not show up on the certificate but that does not mean it does not exist or affect the stone’s appearance. We only sell diamonds with No Tinge.

We only sell diamonds that are perfectly cut. Only Round diamonds have a Cut Grading by the GIA which is graded as Excellent, Ver Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. We only Sell “Excellent” Graded Round diamonds.

What if it’s not a round?

When looking at other diamond shapes (Fancy Shapes), like: Oval, Pear Shape, Cushion Cut, Princess, Radiant, Emerald Cut, Asscher etc… there is no GIA “Cut” grading. Often, Fancy Shape diamonds are cut really deep with no life inside of the stone. Even though there is no “Cut” Grade we only sell the best cut fancy shape diamonds that adhere to our strict cut parameters.

When a diamond is cut deep the face up view of the diamond will be smaller than diamond of equal carat weight but with an excellent cut.

Polish and Symmetry.

The GIA grades a diamonds Symmetry as Excellent, Very Good, Good and Poor. Symmetry refers to how precisely the various facets of a diamond align and intersect.

The Gia grades a diamonds Polish as Excellent, Very Good, Good and Poor. Polish refers to the degree of smoothness of each facet of a diamond.

A common misconception is that if you have a fancy shape diamond that has Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry that it means you have an excellently cut diamond…this is false. A Diamond can have Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry and be poorly cut and deep.

For Round diamonds that are certified we only sell Round diamonds that are graded triple Excellent that means Cut, Polish, and Symmetry are all graded Excellent.